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Question for Vrai and David.

How would you have a poster determine if a thread belongs in News and Current Events or Politics, Elections & Government?

I'm sure I'm not the only one that notices and I'm not busting on any particular poster, but there seems to be a lot of cross pollination going on. For example, a thread with "Schiff" in the title would seem to belong in PE&G, and not N&CE (which I always guessed to be non-political).

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I've often wondered about it when checking unread posts. Seriously, why have two separate forums if most of "News and Current Events" threads are political? :sshrug:


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Sometimes it's real news or a current event even though it's political. So there is some crossover and the poster should use their judgement as to which cat is most appropriate. Cheering or maligning a particular party or politician would go in Politics, but a story about transgender bathrooms (which is fairly political) would go in News/Current Events.

If you think a thread has been placed in the wrong category, report it and I'll take a look. (This happens all the time and I move threads almost every day)

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I would have to go with this answer. The goal is to try and keep it interesting for everyone.

Technically, we could make the whole board a great big common forum with no categories. So, where do you draw the line?

If there are perceived problems, I would certainly like to float ideas with everyone to improve the site. I think we can do that w/o causing any conflict.

People can also float ideas/concerns privately by messaging @David, or DJ if you prefer.

While there are a ton of lurkers in the forums, we really would like to see actual participation increase.
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