Threat Against All of Maryland Public Schools


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School administrators are investigating threats made via email and on social media.

A Baltimore County Public Schools spokesman said anonymous threats were made toward all schools in the county and across the state. There were no threats targeting specific BCPS schools; however, the district takes all threats seriously.

Police are investigating.

“Our school resource officers are on alert and will be working closely with school administrators throughout the day,” BCPS said in a statement.

Baltimore City Public Schools said it is aware of the threats made against schools throughout Maryland, and cited the Maryland Center for School Safety. No city schools received the threats, the district said.

County police said they are investigating potential threats and are working with school administrators to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

Who knows what kind of person gets their kicks off of such a horrific threat against children. Even if the threat is so stupid that a person is unlikely to attack every school, the Public School systems have to be on a raised alert when such a threat occurs. Hopefully our Law Enforcement folks track him down. Since this is a terrorist threat the FBI, ATF and Homeland Security Agents are likely investigating it. Their Joint Task Force is usually pretty good at locating and charging the person who is stupid enough to make such a threat. With a threat against each School, he would be charged with a large number of terrorist counts when caught. I have no doubt the FBI will locate him.

When kids make threats by Social Media for anything, this can automatically bring in the FBI. Most kids are not aware it becomes a Federal offense. And Mommy and Daddy can no longer help them on a local level.