Tiffany Cross - Says Something Clueless [Joy Reid Clone]


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MSNBC Host Brutally Mocks Justice Clarence Thomas

During a segment on The Cross Connection, Cross began by going after conservative TV personality Megyn Kelly, calling her a “problematic white woman.”

"Yeah, it must be déja vu. Either that or I’m catching body number two," Cross said referring to Kelly, adding “which brings me to another problematic white woman who warrants some attention this week: Clarence Thomas. On this very day in 1991, 'Justice Pubic Hair on my Coke Can' was confirmed to the Supreme Court, and even though we collectively knew how bad it was then, we didn’t know just how problematic Tom would be until now.”

“Tom,” which Cross refers to in her rant, is what the host calls the Supreme Court, which is also slang for the term “Uncle Tom,” which is defined as a black man who is excessively obedient to white people.

Cross didn’t stop bashing Thomas there, she continued to criticize his legal career and education.

"Now, the man who succeeded Thurgood Marshall — becoming the second black justice and yet not representing the interests of black men at all — will certainly end up with an equally consequential legacy. For example, after benefiting from affirmative action, he was one of the 12 Black students entering Yale Law School in 1971, Justice Clayton Bigsby later firmly opposed it. And of course, there is Commander Waterford’s staunch stance against abortion rights,” Cross said.


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MSNBC drops Tiffany Cross but is still holding on to Joy Reid for some reason

I’ve never watched the show but according to a former NBC-Universal exec, it was a crass comment she made on a Comedy Central show which may have been the last straw (hat tip to the Daily Wire):

“I say Florida literally looks like the d**k of the country, so let’s get rid of Florida,” she said. She then went on a rant about “Ron DeStupid.” According to Fox News, Cross was fired for “bad judgment.”

“Repeated bad behavior on and off-air. Bad judgment,” a second source close to the situation told Fox News Digital when asked about MSNBC’s decision not to keep Cross…
Cross was previously a fill-in host for Joy Reid’s weekend show “AM Joy” and got her own Saturday program in 2020. There, she was known for her vitriolic statements about conservatives, remarking that there is already a “civil war” happening in the U.S., urged liberals to “pick up a weapon” in the fight for democracy, and called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “Justice Pubic Hair on My Coke Can.”
She also warned about “White replacement” on the show and blasted Republican members of Congress as “White supremacists.” Cross recently drew ridicule when she weighed in on the Tua Tagovailoa concussion incident by wrongly calling the Miami Dolphins quarterback Black and his head coach White; Tagovailoa is Samoan, and his coach is mixed-race. Cross had suggested Tagovailoa, who suffered a concussion in a September game, had been put at risk by his coach due to racism.

Good riddance. But speaking of bad judgment, MSNBC continues to employ Joy Reid who offered a novel theory about inflation today on the network.



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Oh, yeah.

MSNBC cuts her loose because she insulted a Fox News Show Host? :roflmao:

Yeah, that sounds likely. :killingme