TikTok effort to manipulate Biden town hall YouTube ratings fails to beat Trump


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A social media influencer tried to manipulate online ratings for Joe Biden’s ABC News town hall event Thursday to deny President Trump a ratings win for his rival NBC News forum — but he failed, with Trump triumphant in YouTube clicks.

Hank Green, who has a vast online following, implored TikTok users Thursday to watch Biden’s event on “every phone, television and computer.”

His video appeal scored 1.2 million “likes” and more than 21,000 comments on TikTok, a China-owned platform popular among teens and young adults.
As for TV viewership, Biden’s town hall drew more viewers than Trump’s, according to early figures.

TikTok Users Watched Biden's Town Hall on Multiple Devices to Try and Beat Trump's Ratings

However, TikTokers had a plan to prevent Trump from getting to brag about his numbers. YouTuber Hank Green made a TikTok (that has been viewed more than 4 million times at the time of writing) in which he suggested that Trump hosted his event at the same time as Biden's so that he could brag about better ratings.

While Green mentions that ratings do not actually matter, as they have nothing to do with electoral votes, he says he came up with a way to stop Trump from "having this very small win."

On YouTube, ABC's live stream of Biden's town hall had around 2.8 million views at the time of writing. However, Trump's town hall was streamed on the NBC News, CNBC, and CNBC Television YouTube channels, and had 1.9 million, 1.6 million, and 1 million views, respectively.


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I would expect Biden to have higher ratings, since he really isn't out campaigning, so it might have been the only time for his supporters to catch something other than the very few soundbites out there up to this point. I predict they will have similar ratings, especially if NBC and MSNBC aired it vs. ABC alone. But the ratings don't mean much as far as predicting how the actual vote will go.


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I think we all knew how the Trump gauntlet was going to go, as opposed to the Biden fluff job...


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Biden's town hall viewership surpasses Trump's
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s Thursday night town hall surpassed President Trump’s competing event in viewership, according to final numbers from Nielsen Media Research.

Biden’s 90-minute event on ABC News garnered 14.1 million viewers, compared with 13.5 million for Trump’s hour-long town hall, which was aired on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC. The figures, released Friday, included those who watched the town halls on television or streamed the event.
Keep spinning bot...keep spinning...


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Trump had 4.7 Million Viewers vs Biden's 3.1
Think of all the people - like me and Monello - who normally watch these things but skipped the NBC Savannah Guthrie debate because we already knew how it was going to go.

I feel like they can skip the next debate too because who cares? Is anyone still "undecided" at this point? If so, I don't think they should be voting at all.


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My wife just received a text message from MoveOn.org requesting a weekly donation to be used to develop videos to fight Trump on YouTube. They are concerned that Trump has a messaging advantage over Sleepy Joe on YouTube. She told them to FOAD in a long reply.

Before she could reply with STOP to unsubscribe, she received another text from MoveOn telling her she was unsubscribed, and to text START to be subscribed. :lol:


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The people who watched Biden's town hall were probably porn fanatics who tuned in to watch Stephanopolis blow Joe.