Look my ass glows!
So I'm in the lower 40 this a.m. and I hear a new "song"....I see birds I have never seen on the property before-Eastern Towhees (rufous towhee). I saw 3 males and 2 females flitting about the hedge row-really beautiful birds, at first I thought they were Orchard Orioles. They have a funny looking tuff on their heads similar to a Cardinal and long tail feathers that can stand straight up like a Wren. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera, but I did download a pix for your viewing pleasure.



Supper's Ready
Funny, I usually only see them around in the winter. Usually I see them in what seems to be couples. Haven't been real good at distinguishing much between males and females (though the females seem to be a dull black or brownish where the male is black). :yay: