TOO WHITE! Indie RPG Publisher ATTACKED Over Lack of Diversity?!


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Lots of discussion over this among us long time RPG players over a Twitter.

I have a few of the GG reprints

Keep on the Boarder lands
Expedition to Barrier Peaks
The Temple of the Elemental Evil
Castle Amber

and just supported on KS

Grimtooth Traps

I'm mixed, on one hand they deserve for every hurled by the Twitter Rage Mob for attempting to be ' Politically Correct ' .... the attack [ as usual ] undeserved Autistic Rage Mob looking for something to bitch about, GG did NOTHING Wrong


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I do have Keep and Temple, but not the other 2.

As a Bigger Fan of Science Fiction over Fantasy - give me lazers, robots and mutants* any day of the week, Barrier Peaks was a huge favorite

Castle Amber is the Original Orange Cover Ed. pulled at the time the art work freaked more than a few people out

*Gamma World and Later Star Frontiers adding Space Travel and Aliens ....