Tornado watch until 11 tonight


Just sneakin' around....
Just took my flag off of the front porch so it wouldn't get messed up. I had it mounted on a porch post a couple years back and some strong winds ripped the flag pole mount off and left a hole in the wooden post. Don't want that to happen again. Hope my chairs on the deck at the Port don't blow into the canal. They should be ok, they've weathered some pretty strong winds before. Besides that, I am now having an urge for a tropical drink. 🍹
Thanx for the reminder.... got the mail and lowered the flag.


Mostly settled in...
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Started spitting here in Pembrooke (off Willows Rd) a few minutes ago.
Brought in the flag and wind chime.


the poor dad
I was at a resort in Fiji 3 years ago and found their weather forecasting machine to be spot on.



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Not at all :) , I just remember getting suckered into believing your deck was destroyed by a storm not so many years ago. I remember laughing that that SOB got me good. :lol:
It was a Hurricane (serious storm years ago) and I said my house was destroyed.
But I think 5 minutes later I said I had rebuilt it.
@kwillia I bet could find that thread

But you and numerous forumites offered help.
I felt really bad about a bad joke.
Im sorry about that to this day.