St. Mary's Co. Traffic Enforcement Initiative, Sheriff Hall Issues Statement on Wednesday’s Fatal Crash

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Cpl. Ken Flerlage on a traffic stop in Lexington Park​

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit has been regularly patrolling the Route 235 corridor during the morning and evening commutes to and from Naval Air Station Patuxent River. Deputies are on the lookout for speeding, distracted driving and aggressive driving.

On Thursday afternoon, Cpl. Ken Flerlage stopped one driver after another in the span of two hours. Asked what infractions he sees the most on that section of highway, Cpl. Flerlage said it’s “speeding and phones – both of them.” Drivers don’t immediately notice the new Ford Explorer cruisers with subdued reflective decals, used by the Traffic Safety deputies.

On Wednesday, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to and investigated a fatal crash on Rt. 235 in Mechanicsville. Witnesses reported speeding vehicles caused a chain reaction of collisions, which took the life of 33-year-old Jaleisa Lynn Wilcox of Lusby. The victim was traveling on Rt. 235 in a separate vehicle not related in any way to the speeding cars.

After receiving a briefing of the fatal collision, Sheriff Steve Hall had this message for the public.

“The privilege to drive doesn’t supersede another’s right to drive on our roadways without fear of being seriously injured or worse,” the Sheriff said. “These are roadways; they are not raceways.”

“This selfishness has got to stop. Our actions, especially as drivers on our roadways, impacts others. This flagrant disregard for the safety of fellow travelers is disgusting,” he continued.

“The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office will intensify our traffic enforcement initiatives to include combined operations with the Maryland State Police,” the Sheriff said.

“In partnership with the St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney’s Office, we will ensure that drivers charged with impaired, distracted, reckless or aggressive driving are held accountable within the parameters of the law,” Sheriff Hall said.

“We offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Jaleisa Wilcox and to all affected by the tragic crash. We ask that you remember the victim and those impacted every time you start your car,” he said.

Cpl. Flerlage observes a driver using a cellphone​

Cpl. Flerlage on a traffic stop on Route 235​

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Really effective, as I get passed in the right turn lane while driving the speed limit in the rightmost travel lane.


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Really effective, as I get passed in the right turn lane while driving the speed limit in the rightmost travel lane.
I have seen, on 2 occasions, someone do this at the intersection of 235/Town Creek Drive. Sheriff vehicle at the red light coming out of Town Creek and someone just rips down and through the right-turn only lane right in front of the Sheriff! Nothing done.