Trump claims credit for Shell plant announced under Obama


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Trump claims credit for Shell plant announced under Obama
MONACA, Pa. (AP) — President Donald Trump sought to take credit Tuesday for a major manufacturing complex in western Pennsylvania in his latest effort to reinvigorate the Rust Belt support that sent him to the White House. He was cheered on by fluorescent-vest-clad workers who were paid to attend by Shell, their employer, which is building the facility.

Despite Trump’s claims, Shell announced its plans to build the complex in 2012, midway through President Barack Obama’s term in the White House.
The event was billed as an official White House event, but Trump turned much of it into a campaign-style rally, boasting of achievements he claims as president and assailing his would-be Democratic rivals for the 2020 election.

“We don’t need it from the Middle East anymore,” Trump said of oil and natural gas, proclaiming the employees “the backbone of this country.”

As for the new complex, he declared, “This would have never happened without me
and us.”
Yes because that is what being President and committing oneself to public service is all about in Trump's addled brain..."ME! ME! ME! LOOK AT ME!!!"


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I can't believe a president would (seemingly) take credit for things started by earlier administrations. It's SO unprecedented.

Barack Obama, however, cannot claim full credit for this outcome. According to several experts, he needs to share it with his predecessor, President George W. Bush.

Why does the media let Obama get away with such bald faced lying on the stump?