Turbo Tax Error


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If you used TurboTax and claimed home energy credits, you may need to file an amended return.


Intuit TurboTax®
Hi there,

We’re contacting you because there’s an issue with the accuracy of your 2023 tax return. Due to an error, some customers might have overpaid their federal, and if applicable, state taxes.

If you entered the home energy credit information prior to the form being finalized, TurboTax inadvertently deleted all the information for the home energy credit.

By filing an amended return, you’ll be able to get the money back in your pocket where it belongs!

We’re refunding you $60 to cover the cost of our TurboTax CD/Download product.* No need to call and request the refund. Your refund will automatically be applied to the same payment method you used to pay for TurboTax.

To amend your tax return, please follow the steps detailed in this article: How do I amend my 2023 tax return to correct my home energy credit?

TurboTax experts are available to answer your questions by calling 844-333-2161, 5 AM to 9 PM PT, throughout the week. When you speak with an expert, just mention: 2023 Residential Energy Credit so they know exactly what you’re calling about.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and want to thank you for being part of the TurboTax family.

Warm regards,

The TurboTax Team​


Just sneakin' around....
Long time to get settled, but I finally got my additional Federal refund last week, and just got a refund check from Intuit for the list price of TurboTax. State refund I got within a week after the amended filing.