Turtles everywhere!


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I've had a box turtle show-up every year on or around my car port for at least five years. Can identify the critter because its missing a portion of a hind leg... So last year I was cutting grass, you can figure out what happened next. Heard a thud, but nothing expelled out the grass shoot. Stopped the tractor and there was my little buddy with a nice shell cut across the top, with blood starting to run. Cleaned the shell, applied some Neosporin and a Band-Aid :cheesy: and sent him on his way.

Damn if he didn't come back this year, minus the band-aid and a new scar... :yay:
Well damn, he is a she...found the couple on the carport upon arriving home :cool:



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We had tortoises when I grew up. After the 'female' one passed away, the 'male' one started to lay eggs..... Turns out we had two females all the way along.


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I went to take my grandma's hedge busters to town to get them tightened and I counted seven turtles when I usually see one or none. My grandma says it's because of all the sin in the world. One time she took this class on demon casting at her "church" and they learned to cast demons into pigs and turtles because they was the smartest animals so they would know what to do. Pigs run down the hill and jump in the river and drown and turtles find the nearest road and get hit by cars. But if somebody accidentally casts a demon in the wrong one they automatically become a wild boar or snapping turtle and that's real dangerous. She learned all kinds of amazing stuff about casting demons and they used rabbits to wash their hands when they got finished.
Do they offer this class at College of So MD? I need this class.