Typical Family Dinner

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Eggs are about the quickest, easy meals you can come up with. Look for recipes. Bake quiche, and freeze for later. Omelettes are quick and easy, and you can put just about anything in them.
Yes! I make quiches and freeze individual slices. Trying to get away from so many carbs in the morning and am going to try one or both of these this weekend:



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I have a 13 yo boy who LOATHES any form of potatoes, with the exception of pierogies. He would eat an entire box if I let him.

He enjoys most food, but loves my meatloaf (we usually eat it when my meatloaf-hating husband is on travel). He also loves the thinly sliced boneless pork chops, quickly sautéed with some not-too-unusual spices. And he LOVES to eat rice.....just a bowl of white rice will keep him happy. Lucky for us, he loves steak. Generally speaking, he is a decent eater. In those instances where he doesn't like something we've prepared, he eats a bowl of cereal for dinner.


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Vienna sausage or fried spam or potted meat. Quick and easy. And neither are meat.