U.S. outlook dims; economists say Democratic sweep best for revival: Reuters poll


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U.S. outlook dims; economists say Democratic sweep best for revival: Reuters poll

BENGALURU (Reuters) - The outlook for the U.S. economy has dimmed in the run-up to the presidential election, according to a Reuters poll which showed that a recent resurgence in novel coronavirus cases ran a high risk of halting the economic recovery.

New coronavirus infections have touched record levels in the United States recently, and the number of hospitalized COVID-19 Americans jumped to a two-month high, leading to further restrictions. In Europe, many countries have also reimposed measures to curb the disease’s spread.

A fast-rising case count and uncertainty about a fiscal relief bill drove the steepest U.S. stock market sell-off in a month, with the benchmark S&P 500 index posting its biggest daily decline in four weeks on Monday, flattening the U.S. Treasury yield curve.

Nearly two-thirds of 58 economists who responded to an additional question in the Oct 16-26 poll said there was a high risk that the U.S. economic rebound could be halted by the surge in coronavirus cases, including five who said it was very high.
This viewpoint has been coalescing over the past few weeks. (You won't read about it in the far right echochamber of course...)

Trump is a wounded, ineffectual President. McConnell is a prisoner to the far right base. COVID is spiking again (news that is also not reported in the far right echo chamber)...Chicago is closing up again...another state's governor (I forget which one) came out today and advised citizens to voluntarily stay home. (of course the Trump cultists won't comply....they only care about themselves, not the country or anyone else)

IF Trump were to win, and that IF is getting larger by the day, AND the Rs hold the Senate, any stimulus will likely be smaller and as ineffective as Trump is. This will make the recovery from the pandemic slower and more ineffective...just like Trump.


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That is a huge whopper. Everyone knows, or should know, businesses have a fear of when Democrats get into power they are coming after them for more tax revenue. Its easier to hit the businesses than the individual thinking they won't realize its going to cost them in the end. All some people think is they're sticking it to those evil businesses.