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An alleged far-left activist from South Florida -who painted threatening anti-police messages alongside the images of a Soviet sickle and hammer on a Lake Worth resident’s fence- reportedly tried to buy an SKS rifle and was known for wearing the uniforms of former and current communist militaries.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested 24-year-old Tyler Miller in connection to several acts of graffiti around the city of Lake Worth, the first of which was reported on January 14.

Ranging from the Soviet sickle and hammer to phrases like “Walk the Red Earth,” and “Kill a Cop, Save A Life,” Miller was caught thanks to CCTV footage from a home at one of his more recent crime scenes.

According to an arrest report obtained by CBS 12, Miller once tried to buy an SKS, a Soviet-era semi-automatic rifle that uses clips instead of magazines, not unlike an M1 Garand.

Commie activist who graffitied anti-cop messages arrested, once tried to buy rifle while dressed in Chinese Army uniform


Communists used to be their own fringe political movement. Now these radicals are comfortable enough registering as Democrats. They openly encourage people to vote Democrat. These people are the type who would rather sit home than settle for a “lesser of evils.” Today, they are an important part of the Democratic base. When they sit home, Democrats lose. Look at 2016 vs 2018. Check out their website. It can easily be mistaken for the DNC.