US F-16 crashes into Yellow Sea


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🚀 Look out below! Fox News ran an ironically-suggestive story yesterday headlined, “US F-16 crashes into Yellow Sea following in-flight emergency; pilot rescued after ejecting safely.” The unidentified pilot is said to be fine. The plane is a write-off.

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The fabulously-expensive high-tech fighter jet wasn’t in a dogfight. It wasn’t completing a dangerous training mission. The Russians didn’t harry it with a drone. It was just a routine flight, combined with a mysterious, undisclosed “in-flight emergency,” whatever that could be. It was an emergency, and you have no evidence that it had anything to do with the experimental shots.

Anyway, the pilot ejected, or was ejected, and the pilotless, hundred-million-dollar jet fighter crashed into the ocean and sank below the waves. Splash! Glug, glug, glug.

They were stingy with any details, but it sounds remarkably similar to that F-35 single-jet ejection and crash in South Carolina a few months ago. Hopefully, this latest ‘little lost plane’ story isn’t some kind of larger metaphor for the U.S.’s readiness to handle three or more fronts in the emerging World War.

Enjoy this headline from two-weeks ago, published in the Dayton News:

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Everything is going fine. You have no evidence that the military is flying diverse but poorly-trained pilots. Just remember that.