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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am anyway. I will apologize ahead of time if this is too long.

My great uncle died this week and his viewing and funeral plans have just been announced. The viewing is set for tomorrow evening and funeral followed by burial for Friday morning at 10 am. The guy isn't even in the ground yet and the family is fighting over who gets what. I think they way it is set up is that everything is divided equally between the children.. Well, I know how my family is and hopefully, some families are too. (That way it's not just my dad's side). They first started fighting over when to have the viewing and funeral cause one group of the family was out of state. Now it's the will. One of my cousins has went far enough to say he is going to protest his father's will...

AM I the only one who thinks families should come together at the loss of a loved one? Or am I just out in left field somewhere staring at the stars?


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Here's a question. SHould families be allowed to protest wills of a dead family member if the person was not insane or mentally incompontent (sp?)


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I say

NO. It's that man's will. OR that dead persons will. What they want done should BE done to the letter of the will, no matter how exagerated it is. If the dad wanted to give one son everything then thats the way it is. IT"S HIS descision.

This reminds me crys of how they are doing Ted Williams. A legend. Had a detailed will....yet somehow the one son mananged to get around it.

I have a request. When I die...I want a huge party surrounded by my burnt ashes. Live music. Led zepplin, eagles and rocking music blaring. Kegs in my backyard. And everyone should smoke me...Smoke me like a big doobie


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No way

I will not smoke you. Granted I've heard of doing worse things, but NO WAY in you know where.

I think the will should be followed through as the person wished. He/she made the will. It should be done the way they want. They worked for the stuff, why shouldn't it be distributed the way they wish.


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Originally posted by jetmonkey
2. put the fun back in funeral; bring back the funeral pyre. turn your loved one's death into a kegger/bonfire.

I had this alky uncle they did that to.

Poor bugger burned for a *week*!!


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Family Feuds

When my grandfather died a few years ago my dad's sister went so fas as to put her name on items with tape before he was even gone. How's that for pathetic.... No one in the family likes her much..:burning:


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My Grandmother made sure everyone knew what everyone got years and years before she died, down to the trivial knick knacks. She made sure we all got our favorite things. Actually, a lot of our "things" are still in her house, as no one in the family wants to "strip down" the place. We like it the way it is, with all the stuff still there, it's the "comfort zone" for the family.


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When my grandma died, my grandpa gave me a few things I played with as a little girl (as per my grandma's wishes). My grandma's sister came in from PA the day of the viewing and swiped almost all of GRandma's jewlery. My dad's sister was trying to take off with my grandma's nicnacs but seeing as how my grandpa was still around she couldn't. I think families see a death as time to start pulling out the vulture routines.


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Well, I am glad that in a way that when my grandma dies that Pappy never dated anyone else. He never took his wedding ring off and even requested it be buried with him. He never forgot my grandma and seemed to cherish what they had. I'm not saying Pappy was a saint (not by far) but we never worried about another woman coming into his life. He was always too busy with his grandkids to find someone. Which maybe that was a bad thing, since we all need someone but I don't think he ever viewed as such a terrible thing.


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I actually saw 3 grown (we are talking 30's here) siblings get into a heated argument about who got what and how the money would be split and what would happen if thier mother was put into a nursing home and how that would affect the will. The unfortunate part was that this conversation took place right in front of the mother - who was at the ripe old age of 62 and in no way suffering from dementia. She heard every word they said and never bothered to fight back. This was shortly after her husband had died and rather than caring for thier mother in a time of grief they were already predicting her death. It was very sad.
That is why I asked both of my parents to spend all of thier money on lavish vacations before they died. I don't want none of it!! (I was careful to ask them not to leave a mountain of debt though :p )


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Here's a question. SHould families be allowed to protest wills of a dead family member if the person was not insane or mentally incompontent (sp?)

No, wills almost never be contestable in my opinion. What really bothers me is when people put conditions on the money, but the person who is to get the money doesn't want to follow the conditions so they contest the will and get the conditions thrown out. In my opinion, if you don't like the conditions, don't take the money.