Veteran Benefits info


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No idea what topic this falls into so I am posting here:

Have a friend that has asked me where they can get copies of their VA Benefits file or information. Copies of their exam results and other files. Apparently, they need to get it from someone who has access to a special system and they do not know where to go for someone who has access. I told them to try the office in Baltimore (VBA) but they want to know if there is a closer option. Apparently, you can request it through the VA website BUT, it can take up to 1 year to get the info.

Anyone know of a lead or have experience with this?


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Maybe I should clarify.
He wants to get copies of his Pension exams and his Compensation file. Unless the exam was performed at a VA facility by a VA doctor, you cannot get them through the VA website. According to the VA website, you have 3 options:
1) Regional Office (Baltimore)
2) FOIA request (This can take 1 year to process)
3) VSO rep with access to the system


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