Watch this before even considering purchase of a HP printer!


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In a nutshell, in exchange for signing up for a program that will give you a little bit of free ink, they install firmware which will not allow you to use third party ink for the life of the machine (no going back). You also agree to allow them to forever monitor your device and upgrade it as they see fit. Greed, and some more greed, topped with a sprinkle of greed. It won't stop until you stop buying their crap.



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I've always said that HP makes a good quality printer, but their software is for shiat. Bloatware and things like above. I detest HP software drivers.


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Have owned HP printers since the 90's and have never signed up for any of their programs.

Still have a Laserjet 4P we bought in 1994. The gears in the paper feed finally wore out, have a new set coming.