Weather PSA


PREMO Member


PREMO Member
Attention Metro Area Dipshits: If you can't seem to spend more than $100 on four decent tires on your vehicle, stay the #### off the road. :tantrum


the poor dad
Got some smow flakes falling in mid-town Dameron at the moment. Have schools closed yet?

Speaking of which, has the SMCPSC stopped sending out press releases on school closings and delays? I haven't seen anything on this site since the early closing 2 weeks ago for rain & wind. I see Charles County School updates here.


happy to be living
It is currently 24 degrees and windy. I do have to take my doggie to the vet today for her annual check and rabies shot and would much rather just stay home with a good book in the basement with the wood stove :lol:


Throwing the deuces
Went outside all bundled up with coat, hat, and gloves to dump the fire embers bucket and get more wood. Got too hot so when I went out later to wash off the sliding glass doors, I just did it in my sweatshirt and jeans and was ok for that short period of time.


..if momma ain't happy...
Took the dog out to throw her frisbee. The wind is blowing so hard, it would blow the toy back and she couldn't catch it (she hates that).

I turned the opposite direction, now the frisbee was being caught and really flew. Happy dog.

Then we both got cold and went inside. The end.