Weather This Weekend


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Rain gauge reset at midnight, .43" since then. Wasn't sure we'd see snow on the ground this AM, but surprise!

At least it was warm. It was 66* here in the afternoon.
Yes..thank goodness for that... We got setup just as the rain was starting, and then came a deluge. No snow on the island last night though...still too warm.



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Control your horses people!

A horse and wagon took off across the entire sale field at the huge Turner farm auction recently. The owner..a fairly stout older Amish feller was in hot pursuit at a running rate that astonished me. That horse took that buggy and went over and through so much auctioned equipment on the ground that it was mind-boggling (heading striaght for me at one point!). By the the time they captured the horse, it had run over many thousands of dollars of already-sold auction stuff. I saw the wagon dancing 4 feet in the air behind the spooked horse as it crashed over some equipment on the ground.

And yet..albeit with a pronounced limp, that horse took that wagon and it's owner on outa there an hour or so later.....


A storm system moving up the Eastern Seaboard early next week could strengthen as it goes, causing some serious issues.



Throwing the deuces
Just heard a huge tree fall in the woods behind my house.
Went to leave for work on Monday and saw there was a tree blocking the road. Thank goodness our Court is a horseshoe shape and I could just go out the other end. Called the Sheriff's to report the downed tree.