Welcome Rain!


happy to be living
Thank you, Mother Nature, for providing abundant water to my plants and trees. It has been too long!

On another note, I had to take our store kitty to All Kinds in Callaway and it was very disturbing to be in heavy and steady rain that made it necessary to have the windshield wipers on (no intermittent) and see all the people without their headlights on! The sheriff's dept and state troopers were probably tending to dozens of accidents because of the wet roads but otherwise could have been writing tickets to the ignoramuses driving without headlights.

End of rant...I really do appreciate the rain. And the fact that I am now home, warm and dry. (And Shy-Anne got a clean bill of health!)


God bless the USA
Rain is very welcomed. It has been a long while. It impacts my son in law’s landscape biz; very much.
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