well....Jeopardy/Disney has hit bottom..


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I know they are showing Mike Richards pre-recorded, pre-firing shows this week. See you later Mike.
That guy Matt is winning like the GNP of Austria, so thats cool.
But tonight, "Nick!" a teacher, was a contestant. "Nick!" looked much like George Costanza, with a male pattern balding and something that looked like a dark shaded stubble. But it was fake. "Nick's!" falsetto voice and smoothe skin revealed a (can I say this ?? TG!!) His/Her custom fitted sports jacket and pressed shirt did look good.

Does Disney now seek these fine folks as preferred social justice pioneering?

I think I'm done. And maybe next week they will have the Jewish American Princess scientist/TikTok influencer debuting.



Let's Go Brandon!
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I stopped.

A lot of the questions don't seem very difficult these days. Almost like it's become Remedial Jeopardy.

Well, except for the Champion shows.