well, lets run it up the flagpole....


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We used to follow DyeTied and myself all over the forums. He was a nutcase! Didn't he get drunk and lose his truck at CIP once? And even called the police?

I wasn't there for any of that... kept my halo intact.:belvak:

I've heard those stories before.


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If I like someone online I usually would like to meet them in person. We used to have open Meet & Greets on Friday and a good number of people would show up. It was always fun to put a face with a name and make new friends.

I've met many of my best friends through the forums.



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He came over to my house with...I can't say their forums names, just their real ones...when we sent all the golf balls to military stationed in Iraq. A nice enough guy in person but as I always say, who you are online when you think you're anonymous is who you are.


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You mean these aren't you guys' real names?:faint:

I actually do know some of you, but I'm not telling!
(cause last time I got an infraction):lol:


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Was I a worthless #### then, too? :lol:


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I got my IT career start working on the NIMMS/NIFMS(Later DIFMS) contract. Quite a few people cycled through that contract over the years. It wasn't unheard of to run into another IT geek that at some point left fingerprints on those programs. When we worked in our own building, we'd have various pot luck lunches that were a lot of fun. Plenty of good, smart people trying to satisfy fluid government requirements.

Sadly that was the only division that got the axe with the early 2000s BRAC. Then over the next few years everyone scattered to the 4 winds and the work was shipped out to DFAS in Indianapolis.