What birds have you been attacked by?


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My cousin was bitten by an Ostrich at the baltimore zoo. It was back in the day when they had animals in cages.


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I've heard Buzzards can be pretty damn skeery. :yay:
My hubby was doing a satellite survey once and set up everything but had to wait for the satellite. He layed on the grass and closed his eyes. He heard a swishing noise. Opened his eyes and two buzzards were flying two feet above his head.


My cousin was bitten by an Ostrich at the baltimore zoo. It was back in the day when they had animals in cages.
I had a duck as a child, I called him the "Pecking Duck" because he was always trying to bite me. I have had my big toe gnawed on by a Cockatoo named "Dirty Bird" and bit by my parakeet named "Keetie" every time I took him out of his cage.


My cockatiel Jerry has given me some nasty bites, but that is when I first got him. He has calmed down a lot. My lovebirds peck the crap out of my hand every time I go to feed them.

Have been flogged by a rooster when I was 7. Don't remember much about it, but my mom said he had pecked my head so hard I had cuts on my head.


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:killingme:killingme:killingme I'm about to fall out of my chair over here. I'd almost forgot... One of the best stories ever about my mom.

So my crazy aunt buys a house in a subdivision in GA. Normal 1/4 acre lots. The house has a in-ground pool. Crazy aunt decides to turn her backyard into a mini farm equipped with goats, bunnies, ducks, geese, cats, one dog and the pool was now a pond. You walk out of her back door onto the concrete slab patio and 6 feet in front of you is a 4ft tall chickenwire fence. My mom and aunt go through the gate because my mom wants to see the fish, turtles and such that my aunt has in the pool. They were about half way across the yard when my dad hollers out "Hey Donna, you better watch out that the geese don't mistake your ass for a watermelon in those pink shorts!" No sooner than the last word came out of his mouth was my mom being chased by the damn geese, running around the backyard arms in the air screaming, trying not to trip over the various other animals and one of the geese nipped her right in the ass. :killingme:killingme:killingme


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Goose, Chicken, Parakeet, cockatiel, sm amazon Orange naped? I should have known better too. The damn birds name was Chewbacca, and spurred by a lunatic Rooster, multiple times. god rest his sole. the possessed bird


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MOCKINGBIRDS, are the worstest......:yay:
:yeahthat: Don't want to get near a mockingbird nest.

Once as a kid, I climbed a pine tree and apparently got near a bluejay nest. I didn't get close enough to it before the parents started squawking, I just climbed down. :lol: Lucky it didn't turn out worse. :lol:

@Pixiegirl, that is a good story :killingme