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If I may ...
If I may ...

Humans give humans a bad name. But I am interested in the "war between the sexes" and how it evolved into the crazy we see today. The whole "feminist movement" and the male backlash against it.

Women my age were most likely feminists back in the day when there was a point to it. As far as I'm concerned we got what we wanted in the early 90s or so. But groups like NOW weren't ready to declare victory and give up all that yummy activist money. So they manufactured outrage and embellished individual incidents to validate their existence, and created the college girls of today who think a guy whistling at her is sexual assault.

Plus these deep state groups like it when we all hate each other. Divide and conquer.

It's gotten crazy and women largely reject it, but we don't get the press that the activists get because harmony doesn't sell papers or get clicks. Peace is boring - no money in it.

That is a more interesting discussion to me than your defensiveness at getting called out.
It evolved because they found a bullhorn as a, "minority group", in the media that allowed them to spew a vile hatred towards men, along with written examples of such. Like the "men are paid more than women" myth. Etc.. They have flipped around the natural curiosity of a man looking at a very crack tight yoga spandex clad women, to the mini-bikini wearing beach babe with barely covered assets, and when being looked upon call the men out for in essence being philogynist. When it is these feminists slutting themselves, advertising, and seeking, the very attention they are are condemning. And now today, it's ok, acceptable, promoted, for a woman, that is not even biological to a 7 year boy, be given permission to alter his sex hormones through chemistry. Today, many men do not know the true love and loyalty of a women that stays home, nurtures the children, takes care of the house, has dinner ready when the husband returns from work; with the husband being most grateful and loving towards that women, caring for her, and meeting her needs. Now, today, men are misogynist at the mere mention, or hint, of the historical, and natural, role of women and men, together. Instead most women of today take slight at even cooking for their family. They want to be "head of household" relegating the husband to second class status, and yet, demand the husband continue to provide that woman's wants, even if she herself has a job making equal to, or better than, her husband/fiance/boyfriend/mate.

Personally? I think it is, now, and way past time, and, is the right time, the right moment, to put women in front line combat, door-to-door busting urban roles. Driving, or patrolling on foot, (even better with a ruck of supplies and ammo on their backs), between towns, in towns. Standing guard, leaving for night time missions, at/from a forward fire base. I'd like to see a test unit put to together. Let's, say, we start with an infantry Battalion which consists of four of more companies comprising 400 to 1000 women, but take all the numbers to the max. No men would be in this Battalion. Every leadership success, or failure, Battalion Commander on down to the squad level 2nd Lieutenant, will be because of their action, or inaction. If any were to become pregnant while serving, maternity leave would only be granted or authorized beginning at the 8th month. After birth, and one week of convalescing, back to the front lines. If an infantry woman soldier dies during battle while pregnant? I want, wait, to see body bags with that tell-tale bump. Such as life. Of course, any captured women soldiers would be so violently abused and violated, before being chopped up and beheaded, that even Hollywood would have a extremely hard time replicating such vile and evilness for a movie. Women. You want to be equal to men? Here is your chance to prove you have what it takes.

PS. Getting called out. You crack me up. It is really a shame that you don't believe me. You should know me by now. I have gone way, out of my way, to explain it was of a witty nature. Whereas in the distant past I could have searched for days and not have found a f*ck to give. It will be the last time though.


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Gaslight is a term from a 1940's Ingrid Bergman movie where a husband tries to manipulate his wife into believing that she's crazy.
Oh, I am well aware of that movie AND the term. I meant that it must be becoming the new buzzword as I've heard it twice in a matter of minutes after reading the post.

Lots of Libs can't have an original thought - the need their talking points to describe and tell them