What Life Is Like In California’s Post-Apocalyptic Landscape


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Northern California fires have become increasingly common over the last decade as a consequence of mismanaging the environment. Native Americans staged controlled burns to safeguard their villages and create favorable hunting conditions. We failed to emulate that practice, and, as even Mother Jones concedes, so much fuel accumulated in the wilderness that megafires began burning year after year.

Year after year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has blamed global warming and utility companies for the ensuing deadly disasters. So far, the summer of 2020 has been a cool one, and no power lines sparked any fires. But since dry lightning strikes pierced the air in August, the state has been ablaze.

The difference today is that smoke is stuck high in the atmosphere, blocking the sun, but allowing the San Francisco Bay Area to breathe under the layers of fog. Large flakes of ashes fall onto the ground.