What possesses someone to do this?


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$100,000.00 in body modification surgeries.


She felt she looked basic.


Meet Mary Magdalene, a devout “wannabe blowup doll.”

At only 24 years of age, the Toronto native is certainly on a crusade: MM says she’s shelled out $100,000 to modify her body with a brow lift, three nose jobs, cheek and lip fat transfers, a trio of boob jobs, 20 dental veneers, “Brazilian butt lifts,” numerous lip fillers — and a “custom-designed” vagina.

daddy issues


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I'd pay $100,000 to look like she looked in the "before" pictures. WTH is wrong with people.


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Seriously, if you had $100,000 would you spend it to do that to yourself?

Where did she get that kind of money, anyway?


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The tattoos on her legs don’t match the “before” images.
$100,000 can make a lot of changes. Sadly it would cost way more than that to restore her appearance to anything less than frightening. I'll never understand why people can't just accept themselves for who they are. In what universe is that end result desirable to anyone??


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I'd pay $100,000 to look like she looked in the "before" pictures. WTH is wrong with people.
I get what you mean, but I wouldn't pay money to look like that or anything, really. I look like what I look like. All 60 years of me. :lol:


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I swear this is what my mind’s eye sees every single time I look at a woman who is addicted to botox injections in her lips🤣
This duck lips phase has gone way too far!

All she’s accomplished is making it way to difficult to brush her teeth, tie her shoes, and wipe her own a$$.

I bet she looks funny under a blanket!


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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There has to be more to the story, obviously, but in all seriousness, the surgeons are mal-practicing by doing anything to this woman at this point. She's mentally ill and that should have been obvious to the doctors early on.

She's in need of psychiatric help, that's for sure.