What the Chauvin jury knows and we don't


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Saw a VERY brief mention of that on the news, that his knee was actually on or between his shoulder blades, not his neck. Pretty much ignored.


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Here's the problem:

Chauvin clearly should be declared Not Guilty, but the jury almost has to find him guilty and give him a death penalty. The media has jacked the droolers up so hard that anything less will result in massive riots that will make Portland's "summer of love" look like a picnic.

The news media needs to pay a price for their malfeasance and I hope to be alive long enough to see it.


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Tell me why I should care if they burn Minneapolis and tear down the buildings.
The only reason i can think of is that mutton head Biden will send them my tax money to rebuild.
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All BS Chauvin murdered him plain and simple all your whining ain't changing that . Now whether he will be convicted or not is another story

The whole he choked him to death with his knee on his neck has been shown his knee was on his shoulder. Everyone bought the cell phone angles.


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