What's your greatest personal accomplishment?


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Go ahead and brag.

I'd have to say that learning a foreign language is my greatest personal accomplishment. I didn't start out to accomplish that goal, it sort of just happened. I was in my mid 20s. I thought I would repeat that feat but I never did. Now I'm too old to put in the effort to learn another language.

Raising children that turn into productive citizens is a noble goal. But a lot of that also falls on the child(ren).


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Starting my own successful business - 22 years in April :yay:. AND I was a single mother of two at the time.

So, yes, it can be done.


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Staying happily married for 50 years and raising a wonderful, independent, and successful daughter.

Bird Dog

Bird Dog
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It’s all part and parcel.....but tomorrow night I have a hot date with three of the most beautiful women in Annapolis, who all said yes to dinner.....my girls are my greatest accomplishment.......just sayin’ ....teacher, corporate executive, entrepreneur, moms.
.....but I also had great help.