When Men Murder Women


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When Men Murder Women (Interpersonal Violence) 1st Edition by R. Emerson Dobash & Russell P. Dobash

"In the United States and Great Britain, 20-30% of all homicides involve the killing of a woman by a man. In When Men Murder Women, Dobash and Dobash - two seasoned researchers and longtime collaborators in the study of violence against women - reveal what they learned from a three-year study that included 866 homicide case files and 200 in-depth interviews with murderers in prison.

They focus on intimate partner murder, sexual murder, and the murder of older women, and compare each of these three types with those in which men murder other men. Each type is examined in depth and detail in a separate section that begins with an overview of relevant research, and is followed by a comprehensive examination of the murder event and the lifecourse of the perpetrators.

There has never before been a comprehensive book that has covered the entire scope of homicide cases in which men murder women. The result is this essential text for students, professionals, policy makers, and researchers studying violence, gender, and crime."




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Is 20-30% high? You can only have 4 possibilities.

Man kills woman
Man kills man
Woman kills man
Woman kills woman

That means each possibility would represent 20-30%. Book must be targeting dolts.