Who had a wonderful day today?


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This morning we went to Seaside and walked around their cute little town, then walked around Rosemary Beach (another cute little town). Then we came back and had a swim, later Monello will grill up the chicken I've had marinating since yesterday and we'll have it with a lovely salad.

Who had a great day today?


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I met some good friends at Boomerangs for breakfast. 9 AM and we got the last available table! Glad to see them doing such a brisk business but must add I have had breakfast there many times and it has always been great!
Came home, walked doggie and then retreated to the basement to finish up a craft project for my sister. She sent me her MIL's jewelry, rosary and her FIL's cuff links and tie tacks, etc that have been sitting in a shoe box since they died over 10 years ago. I made a pretty awesome piece for her and her husband to hang on the wall in remembrance. I hope they like it.
Then I started on a piece for my step-Mom. Eating dinner and may watch tv or head back in the basement.
Yes, it has been a great day!


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My kids met me ar the Port where we got Chinese take out, went for a very short ride on the boat (too windy to venture out far into the river), and just had a relaxing time together.
Hope all the Mom's got to relax and enjoy the day!


If I may ...
If I may ...

Everyday above ground is a wonderful day for me. Though it's been a bit nippy of late. 60 degrees+ and wind, I could do without. Waiting for the heat.


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Very relaxing day - doing what I wanted to do all day. I took my walk, talked to a couple of friends, heard from a few others in texts and I got some new blinds hung up that I needed to get done. Thing1 worked today, but Thing2 was here all day, so I grilled steaks, did some tater tots & steamed broccoli for he and I for dinner.


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I made breakfast for the LW, (french toast w/fresh fruit) then did a butt ton of yardwork. Yardwork is my jam so it's all good. We tag teamed an early dinner then sat by the fire pit for drinks talking about our upcoming 25th anniversary. #ImNotOldYouAreOld


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Avoided the crowds and long waits at the "let's treat mom" usual suspect restaurants and had a BBQ at home and had a great evening. Not dissimilar to avoiding the the once a year drinkers who clog up bars take an age to figure out what they want to drink on New Year's Eve😅


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Got a lot of indoor chores done, watched some TV, and then picked up dinner from Salsa's. Mom's Day is just another Sunday in my house except I didn't have to cook dinner.