Who remembers their old telephone exchange name?


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Jenny's number was 867-5309 that's all they provide from the song.

What is the age or regional, year when they stopped naming the lines? I don't remember it and I was born in "58.
Mid 70s for my area. They created new exchanges without names for touchstone phones since the old exchanges were not compatible. Afterwards the use of the exchange names just sort of faded away.


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My parents' number they got after they married in 1956 and took the 1st floor of a 2 story duplex my maternal grandparents had: ST(ate) 8-4936.
That number went dark for us in March 2021 when we sold the home they bought in March 1964.
My maternal grandparents had RE(serve) 7-5212 from when they married in 1936 and went dark when my grandfather passed away in 2010.