Why Won’t Guys Wife Her Up?


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Easy answer - she's looney. Piercings, tats, whatever, she's too weird for me, and that's actually saying a LOT.


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Nose rings and all sorts of piercings are just not that attractive - that's always been my opinon since forever. I have a couple of tattoos and have no intention of having full arm sleeves or all over my legs, because I think those are distracting. Rather than just an expression of a personality, full arms or legs tattoos seem like a mask that they're hiding behind. "Look at me - I'm different".

I think the young lady looks fine overall, though (except I hate the nose ring look) and she doesn't look like she has a TON of tattoos, except the arms, though I didn't go look at any of her other videos. I agree with Brett Cooper, for the most part in her commentary.

If people don't like you for you - they're not your people. Period. Their loss. (most of the time!)


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Guy brings her home and his mom's all like, "Hello, dear, nice to meet you.....Michael, may I see you in the kitchen....."

I'm wondering if "she's" trans because she has a masculine aura with this "omigod like totally" female overpresentation stereotype. Like Dylan Mulvaney. Probably in pictures alone she's cute (except for those ugly fake eyelashes that I wish would stop being a thing), but her personality is cringey. The tats and piercings aren't the deal breaker, it's how she presents herself that's a big nope.


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
I had a chance to listen to Brett Cooper's whole video and I still agree with her assessment. Some young women go overboard with the notion that they have to come across tough to prove they are independent, strong women. A lot of women do, actually. Brett describes her as a bodybuilder influencer, so in the young peeps these days, sharing their thoughts in the manner is part of what they do on social media. Her name is Abigail Lay
(@abigailoliviaa on TikTok and @pbtfitnesstraining on Insta) She's 6' tall and describes herself as a Fitness Trainer, who loves bodybuilding, according to her TikTok and Insta profiles.

I liked one of the first comments at the bottom by emilyake9689
"All women need to remember or relearn this : your femininity is your greatest strength, not a weakness. "


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My fiancé is very independent due to being single for so long. On the other hand, she knows her limitations and isn't above asking for a hand when she needs it. Believe me, it doesn't take a single thing a way from her femininity. Of course, she's not 6 feet tall with bigger biceps than a lot of men, like the woman in the video. That many tats is a turn off to me, but to each his/her own.