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What I discovered isn't up to code... Old receptacle for a window AC unit used as a "feed" for the outside unit. May have enough slack to get the supply cable out of receptacle and out to box. Has to transverse one" sheathing, one" air-gap, a 4 inch brick then into disconnect switch. Running a new cable not an option, 65 ft run to panel, appears a junction box is still in order.

Any ideas, what does code say. Attempts to find a contractor that even answers the phone is a challenge.


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Do not try calling Lowe's, they no longer hire very experienced people and we are discouraged to know Code, liability and all that.


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Any ideas, what does code say.
One thing I can see right away.... is that box inside a wall, otherwise inaccessible, ie covered? That is illegal. There cannot be a box with live wires hidden and not accessible.