WOKE Biden Admin SUES Sheetz For RACIAL Discrimination Against Black People Failing Background Check


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It's always Optics.



Political Favor.

And never a moral decision.

One could rightfully call that "targeting", and last time I looked that violates the equal protection clause of the US Constitution.

When lawsuits like this are clear cut and dried bullshit, I always wonder why the defendant's lawyers have such a torturous time defending their client. Like all these bullshit lawsuits against Trump - that they even went to trial is inexplicable to me. And why Trump's lawyers don't cite examples of the many many businesses that do the exact same thing and *aren't* being prosecuted, and point to the 14A to get the case dismissed.

But, as Tilted reminded us, the politicians - particularly Democrats - ignore the Constitution when it suits them to do so. And nobody ever holds them accountable because the judges are all bought and paid for.


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Sheetz sells fossil fuels. Maybe if they put in a battery charger Biden would get off their case.
One would think that with all of the college demonstrations by Islamic Hamas lovers, and with inflation, and with printing Billions of dollars to support foreign wars and foreign aid, America would have better things to do than complain because a gas station won't hire criminals.