Woman receives backlash after saying she has relationships to 'humble' men


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How do you ask them out on a date? Where do you go? Should they meet your parents? When do you say 'I love you'?

It's basically an exercise in not getting rejected and subsequently your heart broken into a million tiny pieces.

So you can imagine people's surprise when a woman came out and said that she's always looking to hurt men.

Yep, rather than trying to form some semblance of a true relationship with another person, Hensley revealed that her goal is often to break her partner's hearts.

Speaking on the 'Whatever' podcast, the stripper said that she goes into it looking to 'humble' guys.

Asked if they were still an item, she said: "No. I mean, the whole time I was seeing him, I was kind of using it as a psychology experiment. I didn't really like the guy, I more just wanted to see if I could break his heart.

"It was fun."

When asked if she managed to achieve her objective, Hensley replied: "Just a wee bit."