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I seem to have an enthusiasm for posting bird stuff today. After digging through the bird board, here's another back woods favorite we have. Yes, the pileated woodpecker. Maybe grow to approx. a foot and a half or more. Beautiful bird. Extra red stripe (moustache) is the male.
:clap: We have two that show up once in a while in our yard. They are amazing birds.


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:howdy:I have gone through 25lbs of sunflower seeds in 2 weeks and 4 suet cakes. I have 3 different woodpeckers, pileated, downy and on other not sure of the name, but small like the downy. The other birds, cardinal, jays and the rest have cleaned me out, I fill them twice a day, but have cut back. They are all so pretty to lookout at when I'm home, that's for the next 3 weeks.:yahoo: