World Cup Fever



The US is .Currently in a great position to advance. I'll be watching in the morning (Friday) on ESPN at 7:30 AM. S. Korea's game will be on at the same time on ESPN2.

Go US!

Can you beleve France and Argentina got knocked out in the first roung? I'm sure lots of money was lost!


Well, I guess no one cares about world cup. Anyway, the US loss to Polland (3-1) but still advanced due to S. Korea's win.


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Larry's been alternating between World Cup and the Masters. I'm not much of a soccer fan but I watch just about every sport that's televised (because my honey controls the remote and I don't care enough to go to another TV). It's been exciting, to say the least! Soccer players are fascinating to me because of the sheer physical stamina and skill that goes into the game.

My son is stationed in Korea and he got to go to the US/Korea match!

Ken King

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USA advances with South Korean win. Now maybe these guys will quit letting referee decisions hamper their ability to SCORRRRRRRRE.

Larry Gude

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I absolutely love World Cup. Every rush up field is a novel. LOL.

The goal Korea scored to get us in was just not comprehensible to me. Amazing skill.

One day, if the money is there, our best athletes will play this dumb game and dominate.

The day that truly starts coming is the day the offside rule is changed or modified. We don't do 1-nil or penalty kicks.