Wouldn't That Be Slavery - Do You Really Want To FORCE Someone to Work For You ?


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Workers at a Wisconsin hospital sought new jobs with higher pay — then the hospital sued to stop them from leaving

ThedaCare, a hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin, asked the court for a temporary restraining order to prevent the employees from accepting jobs at Ascension Northeast Wisconsin, a competitor hospital.

Mark J. McGinnis, a judge for the Outagamie County Circuit Court, granted ThedaCare the temporary restraining order on January 20 before dismissing the order on Monday morning.

The granted order had said Ascension must either give back ThedaCare a radiology technician and a registered nurse out of the seven workers resigning, or cease the hiring of all seven workers until ThedaCare has hired replacements.

But after Monday's ruling, all former ThedaCare employees are free to start their new jobs at Ascension, according to The Appleton Post Crescent.

The Appleton Post-Crescent's Madeline Heim reported ThedaCare said in a complaint that Ascension had "poached" the hospital's workers as the region struggles amid a rise in COVID-19 cases. ThedaCare put non-urgent elective surgeries on hold last week due to both a record number of COVID-19 patients and a high absent rate of team members due to illness.


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Questionable constitutionality on that one but not as close to slavery as being forced to provide a creative product that you object to making.
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They wouldn't be forced to work for the old hospital. They would have been barred from working at the new hospital. Even if the TRO became final, I'd not return to the old hospital after they pulled that crap.