Yay!!! First Operational Level 3 Driver Assist!!!!


Power with Control
Mercedes first to bat.

But not so fast. "Self Driving!!!! You can look away from the road!!!!" But there are conditions.... One, since it uses LIDAR, you need a place for those ugly azz sensors to live, so your front end of you $2500 annual subscription cost (All them sensors cost a wad of cash) option equipped Merc looks like this...


And next, the list of conditions it needs to meet to looks like this.....

Mercedes-Benz told InsideEVs that the Level 3 system will function in all major cities including Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas, and all the connecting freeways inside the Operational Design Domain

there must be a traffic jam on the highway, you can only go up to 40 mph, good road conditions with markings must exist, the weather must be decent (no snow or rain) and it must be daytime, and the car’s high-definition map system must be active.

And lastly, there has to be a car in front of you for it to follow.