Yee-ha! Ravens Squish the Fish!


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Ok, the bandwagon is starting. I think they can do it again. I'm seeing lots of purple!


Yep go Ravens HA

I was reading on another message board some retard wrote "it only took the Ravens 6 years to win a Superbowl"  ...ugh what about the 60 years they were in Cleveland with a different name, guess that don't count.  


Hey geekboy…..    you’re correct….   None of that matters…   different city, different name, different colors, different fans……    who cares what happened for the last 60 years in cleveland….   Our Beloved Ravens came into existence, here in Baltimore, during the mid-90’s..  and none of us care about those guys in the orange helmets…..

Go Ravens….     Winning the SuperBowl last year and making a run into the 2nd round of Playoffs this year has been a lot of fun….    (Yeah, of course I wish they could win it all every year…   don’t we all)….

New alignment next year means some change, we lose the Titans, but I’m glad we’re still in the same division as the Steelers…   As much as I hate the Steelers, and as much as the players  hate to admit it, the Ravens , Titans, and Steelers made each other better by the heightened level of divisional competition…..

Looking forward to next year…

Go Birds (Ravens and O’s)…..