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I oppose the building of the YMCA. First, projected operating cost? Who is going to fund the daily cost of operating? It's a GYM. We have many Gyms - most closed due to COVID and home gym equipment. The other issue, the leadership at the YMCA (selling this to the county/state/federal) spend most of their (powerpoint presentation) about the benefits of the swimming pool. WHAT? You do know the YMCA is going to be built literally next to the county swimming pool. 2 Pools next to each other? Without the Pool - the YMCA is truly just another Gym! I vote NO.

It appears that the YMCA themselves were going to fund the normal operating costs, after being given a free brand new over $22 Million dollar state of the art building. Well shiat! Who wouldn't want a deal like that? I'd love for someone to build me a new house and I only take care of the normal monthly expenses. This is the worst form of corporate welfare that I've ever seen, regardless if it is a non-profit organization. If this had come to pass, the YMCA would have had absolutely no skin in the game. The delegates did right by St. Mary's County by not sending such an abysmal request to Annapolis.

It was, and still is, a very shitty proposed deal for the residents of St. Mary's County. For an organization headquartered in Chicago Illinois. I'm pretty sure the people of St. Mary's County can, and already does, take care of themselves without spending such a large sum on one project.

This is not a loss for St. Mary's, but an actual win.

Here is the link to their financial statements. They have enough to fund it themselves if they so want to have a presence in St. Mary's.



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Well, I paid property taxes in St. Mar's for over forty years. I never had a child in the county schools. Perhaps I should get a refund for something I never used, but paid taxes for.
I see your point. I did have a kid in public schools, with the exception of two years in private. And I haul my own trash to the transfer station. :lol:


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I have been opposed to this project from the beginning. I’ve watched some of the meetings with the commissioners and it just didn’t smell right to me. Unfortunately there has been a very vocal group in favor of this - what’s the saying - the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Hopefully this is permanently derailed as far as government funding is concerned.


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Hey....... pronouns people!!!!!????

In todays progressivespeak.... what would this consortium be named?

Pre chronologically progressed, non-birthing gender fluid humans, spiritually non-descriptive, for the like minded???

Thats one helluva marquis.....


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Taxpayers are funding the politicians owned by foreign entities. Even that old man at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington DC.