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The insane reason why all of these hot, successful women are still single

  • Jana Hocking has a huge amount of friends who are 'catches' yet single
  • She says it's because they've set standards for men that are 'too high'
  • 'Maybe my Mr Right is trying to herd sheep into a shearing shed,' she said
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I've been thinking for quite a while that the reason we're all single is because my gorgeous friends and I are getting passed over by the blokes we fancy, because we're too old. In fact, it is safe to assume we're not even registering on many guys our age dating apps, because they've set their age limits from 20 to - at a scrape - 30 years old.

Isn't that wild. And yes, I am very much expecting my Instagram DMs to be filled with messages from men ranting on about the fact I shouldn't have put my career before men and babies. And that I'm too picky. Oh, and my favourite 'I've hit a wall.' (Side note: Why do so many men love using the term 'You've hit a wall.' It's always from some hairy, balding bloke who scratches his nuts in social settings. Ok mate.)


Then I stumbled across a book that proved this theory in a way, stating that there is a genuine man deficit in place right now for career women. Author Jon Birger wrote a book about it called 'Date-onomics: How dating became a lopsided numbers game'. In it, he details why there are so many women struggling to find 'Mr Right' and it all comes down to numbers. Saying, 'It's not women's fault, it's the demographics'.

According to Birger, the problem with women living in big cities right now, is that there are far more university graduated women than men. He said that if women would like a man who is on the same education level as them, they will struggle.

And the men who are, are more likely to play the field and delay marriage, because there are so many women in oversupply for them to choose from.

He said the solution is for women to be more open-minded about who they are willing to date. And here's a plot twist for you, I think he's right.

For so long I've ranted about my refusal to loosen my standards or settle for any ol' bloke. But have I been going on dates with guys who are vastly different to me? Nope.

I tend to go white-collar. Sure, I dabbled with a few footy players in the past but that was just for fun. Perhaps I should be dating guys who didn't go to uni. Or took up a trade, or here's an idea… a farmer!

Maybe we're all single because we've only been sticking to what we know. Maybe my Mr Right is currently trying to herd sheep into a shearing shed, and I've been attempting to look for him in a fancy wine bar. Wrong place Jana!

So, in the fine words of Taylor Swift 'It's me. I'm the problem, it's me'.

The girls and I have vowed to broaden our dating field and start going to places outside of the city bubble. Can't hurt, right?


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I've now seen dumb TikTok videos where women - every day women - say that a guy must make six figures for them to date them. Some - SEVERAL hundreds of thousands. Women who make a stink about equality - but demand that men pay for everything. They make it too clear that they want, but don't have much to contribute.

I remember a long time ago, I was fishing with my brother at a lake, and near me, there was an old man just pulling them in, and we weren't even getting BITES. He asked, what are you fishing with? Corn. So am I - let me see your hooks.

We pulled them up, and on each of our hooks, was a single kernel of corn. He said THAT'S your problem. He pulled up HIS, and he had several leaders with hooks on them, loaded with corn. He said, you wanna catch 'em, you're gonna have to feed 'em.

You want to meet someone, you have to make an effort - you have to try - you have to consider other people - you may have to take a risk - you have to consider that maybe it's YOU that needs to change, and not the rest of the dating pool. And you WILL have to date a few people you don't like or mesh with before you find one you like - if you're not dating ANYONE, your chances look poor.

And - yeah - if YOUR conditions for who you'll date are restrictive, believe it or not, then it's ok for them to have conditions, also.


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For the general populous, these ladies (and the guys seeking the same kind of relationship) are just a ridiculous notion. However, there are those with money who are more than willing to go along with these terms, just to have some eye candy on their arm, and these girls know that. It only takes one in 100,000 (imaginary fictitious number...) to respond, but that's all they need. Just one in a world full of choices.


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Would any reasonable 40 year old woman want to date a guy who's into 20 year olds? Or is it just that them not wanting her makes them desirable? I get judgey with guys who trend too young, like they're not man enough to date a real woman or they're one of those perpetual boyhood types longing to recapture their salad days. On the rare occasion I met someone like that it was always a big red flag for me.

Also if he likes 'em dumb. That tells me he's either a mental lightweight himself or insecure in his intelligence and needs someone around who he can be superior to.

People think a lot about dating, but they don't think about relationships or what life with this person would really be like. IMO dating is an audition for a relationship, which is an audition for marriage. If the guy fails his audition, that's that. And if I failed my audition, that means he wasn't the right guy for me anyway.

And if some old rich guy wants a 25 year old kid on his arm to prove his studliness, I don't get all bitter about it because I would never date a guy like that anyway so who he dates is of no concern to me.

One last thing:

These stories always come out of NYC or LA or some other dystopian nightmare where men don't even know what gender they are and most likely have a drug addiction. No wonder these women can't find a guy - there are no guys in those places.


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