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Thread: What's the deal with this guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cattitude View Post
    There are a few threads on here about him. He has money..he has family, local.... He chooses to live the way he does.
    I don't doubt what you are saying, but I have lived in many places in this greater DC/MD/VA area...including Oxon Hill, Marlow Heights, Lexington Park, Fort Washington, Waldorf, Laurel, and Alexandria...and each of these places has had a homeless person that was rumored/reported/alleged to be rich that chooses to live on the streets. Oxon Hill had a "bag lady" that supposedly was wealthy, but had tragically lost her son, and subsequently took to the street because she could not deal with her usual way of living. Ft. Washington had a man that had several different rumors attached to him, but the common denominator among them was that he was wealthy. Again, I don't doubt what you're saying, but I can't help but to wonder how much of what we hear is true and how much has been through the rumor mill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by struggler44 View Post
    he is not homeless, he lives in his car ....I believe his family owns the gas station he stays at and many more
    Having worked in Prince Frederick the last 8 years am pretty familiar with him. I remember when he used to drive a car, in fact over time saw him driving several different ones, nothing new or flashy and some slightly nicer than the other ones. None of them were new vehicles and when i saw him in a different one didn't know if the previous car had died or not, At those times he was using a cane to get around when walking the streets, now it is more like a wheeled walker with a seat. I have not seen him drive or be around a vehicle for the past couple years.
    Do see him around the old gas station quite a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by annemayer View Post
    There is a homeless man who appears to live at the old gas station in Prince Frederick,right across from the school - by Safeway,movie theater,etc. I see him all the time,summer and winter,and always wonder,who is he? Why is he there-don't the owners of the land care? I'm not starting this thread to talk about how horrible the homeless are or how it's all Bush/Obama's fault - most of us are only an illness or a missed couple of paychecks away form being there ourselves,I'm just curious about him and have always wondered what his deal is. Thought about just asking him once while I was sitting in my car at the light,but figured he could be mentally ill and didn't want to be perceived as intruding or whatever.
    Thank you. I have been gonna post the same thing. Can't figure out why the cops don't roust him, unless he owns that property.
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    He's really not bothering anyone except when someone calls him in dead and then the EMTs have to respond just to find out he's asleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bay_Kat View Post
    He's really not bothering anyone except when someone calls him in dead and then the EMTs have to respond just to find out he's asleep.
    I was sitting at the light and happened to look over at him yesterday as he was slowly tilting in his chair. He was asleep but managed to catch himself before he completely fell out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxick View Post
    What do you suggest they do about this person?
    Well,if it were my land/business,I would offer him a few alternatives-his family,shelters,so forth,as well as let him know that he can't just squat there. I guess if I were in a position to,I'd probably offer him a job to help him get on his feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FED_UP View Post
    Wow their must be something mentally wrong, why would you choose to be homeless I guess the same reason why people who can't afford kids have kids knowingly that welfare is going to take care of them. Plenty of free careers in the US. You can be all you want to be in America, I might want to be a bumb next year. Don't knock it till ya try it.

    There was a man I knew in Florida who would hang out in the bar my friends and I frequented. His name was John and he lived in a tent community in the woods. He would do odd jobs around the bar for drinks, and John had a job at a tye-died t-shirt factory. He chose this way of life. I asked him one night why. He explained to me that when he came back from Vietnam, he tried to live at home again and it just didn't work anymore. He said the only way he felt at peace was to live the life he was living. He said his family didn't understand it and he wished it were easier on them, but this is what he needed to do.

    Wow, so he is traumatized in a way because normal people don't do this just

    You rarely ever know someone's story or why they do what they do, but I don't think you should just judge the surface.

    Wow, so he is traumatized in a way because normal people don't do this just because. Maybe he needs mental help IMO, shrink sessions.

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    im pretty sure its private property. its right in front of the fireplace store so its not like the owners dont see him there every day. i dont really know why they have not asked him to leave.

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    He urinates in cups, defecates in bags....and this was when he had an apartment in Silverwood! He scams, tries to get hit, and, oh yea, the papers against the chain link fence at the old CMS....his. The rest he stuffs down the storm drain.

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    If they are going to allow the homeless to be homeless then why not create a homeless island. My experience with the homeless is most of them have a drug/alcohol problem and usually enjoy the art of burglary or theft. The assaults go up in the community because the local youths frequently attack them for fun as they are an easy target since they are usually intoxicated. They are difficult to prosecute because their camp of stolen stuff can't be placed in their "posesssion" therefore they cannot be charged with the crimes they commit unless they are caught in the act. You feel bad for them until you go through their camp and find household items like childrens toys, GPS holders from vehicles, video cameras etc... and you realize they are the ones who have been doing the burglarys and thefts. Car accidents go up because they are frequently intoxicated walking in the roadway. God forbid they have a bumfight and someone gets stabbed or beaten with a blunt object....

    Overall the homeless are a pain in the ass.... and generally contribute to the bad of the place...

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