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  • I may know you... I was at the Naval Hospital from 76-79. I was a HM2. I volunteered at the USO and was the corpsman that went on the Boonie Stomps. I spent a lot of time at the USO and hung out with Julie tower, the director. I stood duty at the Clinic at the Naval station. There were 4 guys from the Proteus that I hung out with and who also went on many of the Boonie Stomps. I cant remember their names..it has been 35 years!!! Anyway, nice to see someone from the island.
    Hey Bud,

    My "new toy" does have internet acces: NETFLIX and VUDU and that kinda thing.
    I was just wondering about overall access; like using a computer without having to use a computer.

    I'm pretty sure that that's not possible; but I'm not through reading the owner's manual yet either.
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