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    The Military is NOT a Social Experiment .....

    I can't believe I'm agreeing with this liberal ass, but he's somewhat correct. The military was the first area of American society to become integrated
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    What do you do?

    If a sign on the highway says "Merge in 1000 ft" and you get into the proper lane immediately, why do you think you're somehow morally obligated to prevent someone else from following the posted directions?
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    I just got fired from Game Stop

    Now you know that you're supposed to do what your employer wants you to do instead of what you want to do. Try not to be a dumbass at your next job
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    YOGA pants should be ILLEGAL ?!

    It should be illegal if her nipples show thru her yoga pants
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    For The Middle Class

    It helps the middle class in China. The EPA has already made most manufacturing illegal in this country
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    Whats with people tailgating in icy conditions?

    How much under the speed limit were you driving?
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    TJ Bridge Shut Down / Subjects Trapped

    Driver error on the part of Rachel Keaton and the snow covered bridge are major contributing factors to this collision.
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    #ILoveObama is #Hijacked by #Racists

    It's racist to disagree with Obama :smack:
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    Electric cars and cold weather

    I track my mpg every tank and it always drops in the winter by about 3-4 mpg. I blame "winter blend" gas
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    TJ Bridge Shut Down / Subjects Trapped

    Angry about a waste of life You're in a steel box designed to protect you in a place with a 45mph speed limit. How do you manage to kill somebody without at least one person doing something extremely stupid?
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    TJ Bridge Shut Down / Subjects Trapped

    How far up your ass does you head have to be in order to wreck your car on that bridge?
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    A Pounding

    Apparently they're going to wait till 5:00 am so they can wake us up with a phone call and tell us we don't have to wake up early
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    A Pounding

    I'm surprised they haven't closed the schools for tomorrow
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    Fantasy verses Reality

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    Morons and Driving Laws

    Once met a guy up in Maine who worked with handicapped people. He was working with this young blind man and they decided to have a few beers and got to talking about how the blind guy would never be able to experience driving down the road. My friend drove an small convertible sports car and it...