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    vehicle collision near the bottom of the TJ Bridge

    Wirelessly posted Looks like it may have been a fatal. Emergency vehicles surrounding car with white sheet/ cover.
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    New Thai Restaurant in Prince Frederick!

    :boo::boo::boo: I would eat at Thai Inter before this place. I had the Pad Thai & found it greasy and sweet tasting ... perhaps too much tamarind? Not sure ... but didn't enjoy at all. Thank goodness I'll be visiting Fredericksburg next week where I'll be visiting my favorite Thai place -...
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    Did I miss the thread on the Broomes Island ...

    Accident today? A little after 4:30pm I'm guessing. They routed us off RT 4 south and onto Broome's Island Road. Looked horrible! 2 helos took off a little after 5pm.
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    Code Red in Calvert

    Saw state helo flying around ... was wondering what was going on. Wish we would have gotten that call. Good thing I saw this. Doubled checked our doors .. we're locked and watching out! :yay:
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    Something going on in CRE?

    Yep, see them from my window. Hmmm ... wonder what's up. My little one is a bit scared.
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    Something going on in CRE?

    Heard what sounded like an explosion and now I see one police car on Catalina near Golden West Way. Hear some scanner activity, but can't figure out what's going on.
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    Happy Birthday...

    Happy birthday Catt, enjoy your day!
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    Your child will survive.......

    Several years ago a friend turned her head to check on her baby in the back. In that split second she crossed the double yellow line and ran head on into a dump truck. Needless to say, she didn't survive. The baby, however, did. What a sad day that was.
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    Multiple MVA's (ya think?)

    I live in CRE and had no problems at all. Either stay put or take extra time to go where you need to go. What would everyone do if this was just a plain old community that had no homeowners association or managment or whatever it is you want to call it. Get out and shovel the road yourself...
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    DREAM Act - America's Latest Nightmare

    Everyone in America has access to help pay for education. :rolleyes: Why is it the Mexican illegals fault for knowing how to go about getting them and actually utilizing it to further their livelyhood and pursuit of happiness. Then getting a job legally and paying taxes. :yay:
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    12/09/2010 Solomons Death Investigation

    Hmmmm, wonder if this is related to the death of the woman from OLSS tha occured a week or so ago.
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    DREAM Act - America's Latest Nightmare

    They are here and are some very productive members of our society ... they ain't leaving voluntarily. This country grew and prospered through diversity as a melting pot. "The most recent draft of the bill says candidates who are under 30 and high school graduates who have lived in the...
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    DREAM Act - America's Latest Nightmare

    Where exactly has it stated that these kids "get a free ride"? :snacks:
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    What does POACRE and The SOPRANO's have in common?

    So let me ask you this. Do you really think the community will find another way to collect fees and manage the assets? Jumping from the the frying pan to the fire comes to mind ......