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    Never have I ever...

    I have never ridden in a limo :sad:
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    Instant Pot chuck roast, carrots, and potatoes

    I always cook my roast first and then I throw in the veggies for like five minutes.
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    I really like Sling. I've tried Hulu, DirectTV streaming etc... I've always gone back to Sling. Best bang for the buck. It has all the channels I care about.
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    How California expats are helping turn Texas into a battleground state

    I predicted this would happen years ago when Texas went a courtin all of the California companies. So I am not the least bit surprised.
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    A true Democrat

    That is my fear as well. :(
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    They're the pedophiles, yet somehow we're the weirdos

    I saw a clip of it today. Ick!
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    Should be obvious now....even to the deluded.

    I think if anything, his conversation confirms the fact that he took the virus seriously. I seem to remember the left insisting that he didn't take it seriously, and didn't believe that it was of any concern. I think that unless you are a die hard anti-Trumper, this "bombshell" is a dud.
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    What Do You Watch?

    Have you watched Poldark yet? It's really good. I just started watching Dark on Netflix. So far it's really good (if you are into Sci-Fi and don't mind subtitles). We are also watching Perry Mason on HBO which is good. Below are some other really good shows. Offspring (still a favorite)...
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    Cold Food

    I do a salad of spinach, basil, and arugula base. Then I add in chilled grilled shrimp (or chicken) grilled red/yellow/orange peppers, grilled zucchini and yellow squash, some orzo and some cannellini beans. Then just squeeze a lemon or two over it and some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Good...
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    Supreme court affirms LGBT employment rights in 6-3 ruling

    I do not disagree. I'm just so tired of the crazy left's delirium. Always trying to paint the picture that Conservatives despise and abhor the LGBT's. It simply is not true.
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    Supreme court affirms LGBT employment rights in 6-3 ruling

    I am a conservative and I am not seething. 🤷 In fact, I don't know a single conservative/Republican, personally, that has a problem with this.
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    Every freaking local channel really

    What I find reprehensible is the fact that how many people in this Country could not have a funeral for their family due to the COVID-19 restrictions, yet here we are, still in, what? Phase 2 "re-opening" yet you can have a massive gathering of mourners? Really?
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    If Trump wins reelection, then what?

    I believe you are correct. I have been watching a lot of discussions from David Horowitz who used to be a radical Marxist and understands the left. It's quite interesting. He predicted what is happening today, shortly after Trump was elected. He consistently has stated that he fears for this...
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    Okay, you guys win

    It was great! I love a good train wreck.
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    I was at Lowes on Saturday and they had a guy at the door limiting who goes in and a gal at the exit counting who goes out. It was crazy busy. I have never seen it so busy, but then again, I don't typically do Lowes on a Saturday. As far as the TP and food hoarding, I still have TP and paper...