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    The clever, attractive and physically healthy woman who is fighting for the right to die at 23

    We don't need this kind of toxic poison. It's not only a troll, but a thread hijack, both of which ought to be against the rules. Nothing would make me happier than to have a balanced audience here, as far the left v. right, but, that doesn't give this kind of vulgarity a pass, especially when...
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    This is who I would cast my vote for were he 2020 POTUS election held today...

    Only 5:23 and worth a listen. For you Democrat haters, she's a vet, so she at least deserves some respect.
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    Questions Remain Over Former Raley's Furniture Store's Future

    ha ha, I've been saying the same thing for 25 years, except I always thought they should start at 235 and push right through to MD 5. Hire every dozer in the county and line them up side by side.
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    The biggest Opioid Distributors in St. Mary's Co.

    Yeah, I have to show my driver's license to get a pack of decongestant for my sinuses, and then I'm limited to one pack, so I can't stock up. Not sure if the database they use is state or federal. On the surface, this looks like another money grab by local governments going after deep pockets...
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    Calvert Co. Thomas Johnson Bridge Head-on Collision Remains Under Investigation; Drunk Driver?

    On September 27, 2019 at approximately 7:50 p.m., deputies from the Calvert County Sheriff's Office responded to a reported head-on collision involving 3 vehicles on top of the Thomas Johnson Bridge in Solomons, Calvert County, Md. Preliminary investigation revealed, a 1989 Volvo operated by...
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    The biggest Opioid Distributors in St. Mary's Co.

    2019 Opioid Crisis Response Plan for St. Mary's County Announced LEONARDTOWN, MD (August 26, 2019) - The St. Mary’s County 2019 Opioid Crisis Response Plan is now available online. A variety of local partners, including the St. Mary’s County Health Department (SMCHD), law enforcement...
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    The biggest Opioid Distributors in St. Mary's Co.

    Interesting that the County Government released this information on 20-AUG-2019: Information from ARCOS (Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders)—the DEA's reporting system for controlled substance transactions—is now publicly available which shows which companies supplied opioids and...
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    You have 6 months to live, how do you play it?

    Say goodbye, travel the world, sleep with every willing partner I can find.
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    Are you living paycheck to paycheck, yet have some nice rides sitting in parking space outside? Listen up

    Here's some insight for you if you fit the bill: In my life, I've financed one new car (right out of college and dumb as a rock) and leased one (Still not sure WTF I was thinking) Everything else was paid for with cash. The car dealers don't like people like me, oh well...
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    Classic View

    That went away when we upgraded to Xenforo way back in February. So, I can't imagine what you've been seeing since then and your recent Windows reinstall.
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    Classic View

    If you're referring to the front page of then you'll want this: Otherwise, I'm not sure what you mean by Classic View.
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    new species of bloodsucking leach with three jaws has been found in So. Md.
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    Sweet deal on a 4300W Inverter w/only 6 hours

    I just helped a lady post this ad and it is a pretty sweet deal, thought someone here might be interested. Robin Subaru RG4300iS Inverter Generator w/only 6 hours on the clock. She...
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    Fatal Traffic Collision: Lexington Park: pedestrian and a motorcycle

    On Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at approximately 0603 hours, Troopers from the Leonardtown barrack responded to MD Route 246 at Midway Drive, Lexington Park, STM, MD 20653 for a report of a motor vehicle accident involving a pedestrian and a motorcycle. On scene investigation revealed a Harley...
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    Seamstress \ Alterations Needed -- Any recommendations?

    I used her before and is probably the most reasonable person I found in this county. She made a mistake on one job, but I took it back and she fixed it at no additional cost. When you search for what something should cost, her prices fall right in that range. She is also a nice person. There is...