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    Hillary’s IT Guy Created An Encrypted Gmail Account And Sent All Of Clinton's Emails There

    yes, but the very definition of cryptic is: having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure.
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    Hillary’s IT Guy Created An Encrypted Gmail Account And Sent All Of Clinton's Emails There

    @GURPS Based on your title, you might have misinterpreted what they meant by "cryptic email address." It's not possible to encrypt a GMAIL account, at least not that I know. I believe they were referring to the notion that the actual email address he selected made no sense to anyone else, as in...
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    St. Mary's Co. Traffic Tip Tuesdays: Golf Carts

    We have several families in our development who drive golf carts on the road; many times driven by young children and no adults. They always seem to drive safely and pull of when traffic comes. Who knows. I have no idea if they're going somewhere or just out for a cruise. But, then I've seen...
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    Another Disappointing Dinner Out

    The key to success seems to be the closer you live to a real city, the better chance of finding locally owned, unique, and great food. Sat next to a gal on the way San Francisco who was a native. She recommended a burrito shop that she claimed was the absolute best in the city. In a part of...
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    St. Mary's Co. MetCom Reports Progress on Water Storage Tower Construction

    The Metropolitan Commission (MetCom) provides public water and sewer services to St. Mary's County operating 17 elevated water storage towers, 37 ground storage towers, and 28 water supply and distribution systems, including 67 wells which annually supply approximately 1.4 billion gallons of...
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    Call to 911 from Teen Saying He Shot His Mother and Would Shoot Police Ends up Being a “Swatting”

    I think they're looking at prison time, as they should be. Many innocent people have been killed or injured in the past because of this. Often times, the perp is some crazed online video gamer seeking retaliation against some other gamer for some perceived slight (who was saying that video games...
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    Call to 911 from Teen Saying He Shot His Mother and Would Shoot Police Ends up Being a “Swatting”

    Swatting has been going for yours now and law enforcement is well aware of the situation. I certainly hope that all departments have implemented policies to investigate before shooting so that no innocent victims are killed or injured --- as many have been in the past.
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    Just in: MAGA is now KAG

    I was talking about the cap. It says right in the ad that the 1st ever cap will be signed and given to a random winner. I also don't recall him using KAG in day to day speech, even if it was trademarked years ago. Unless I missed it. Obviously, the intent is for the 2020 campaign; first he made...
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    Just in: MAGA is now KAG

    This just into my mailbox Make America Great Again is now Keep America Great I wish they would put this out as a molded ball cap in addition to a trucker cap.
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    PGPD PGPD Investigates Death of Man During Check on Welfare Call

    Man, that's sounds horrible. I wonder what the poor guy ingested.
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    Finally caught the Terrorist Groundhog

    I had called County Animal Control in advance. They were going to come pick him up and relocate to a remote area. I just caught him in the watermelon patch a few weeks ago. He is now blind in one eye. It was sad seeing that. Like the time the deer limped across the back yard with one front leg...
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    Snowflake asks for free hotel stay, gets rejected, loses her mind

    That's correct and I don't see anything funny about the video. She sent them a polite sales pitch and they elected to post it publicly in an attempt to humiliate her. It's known as a trade and advertising organisations DO IT ALL THE TIME with customers. All they had to do is politely decline or...
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    Exec. Producer of The Ellen Show Tells Antifa to Go Home and stop making trouble

    The common sense people on the left (oh, I so hate participating in the divisive language) are starting to take a stand against the wacky extremists. I hope we see more of this all the way around. My hat's off to Andy for standing up.
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    Cycling Without Age, St. Mary’s County (CWA-SMC) has it’s FIRST trishaw!

    I just found the background on this. Apologies to Christina. PARK HALL, Md. --- A St. Mary's County woman has formed the first Maryland Affiliate Chapter of the international Cycling Without Age (CWA) program. CWA is a social enterprise formed in 2012 in Denmark that offers recreational...
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    SMCM St. Mary’s College of Maryland Named a 2019-20 College of Distinction

    Can't blame the school for what one twisted student does.