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    Independent ISPs?

    I have Direct TV for television and Hughesnet for internet. Love them both.
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    Amish kayakers?

    Yea, they go fishing or canoeing every Sunday afternoon. The girls are allowed to go if their brother takes them.
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    Chocolate store in Leonardtown?

    They have a really nice little nursery in the parking lot of the old Bell Motor Used car lot. All local plants and seasonal. Young lady working there told me that they are getting an Italian restaurant in the building there and in the far corner of the parking lot is going to be a Dunkin Doughnuts.
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    It's Spring Dinner time! 2015 Edition

    He'd go with me if he was still in the County. I miss him so. He was the one who would always just pick up and go with me whenever, wherever. Now I have to go by myself everywhere.
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    It's Spring Dinner time! 2015 Edition

    Do they still have the drive thru carry out?
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    Non-Stop Blaring Sirens Every Day!! What is going on?

    Not familiar with that road, but over here in St Mary's, you better make some noise so the deer know you're coming.
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    Acid Reflux

    Whatever you do, don't eat 3 hrs before going to bed. And prop your headboard/mattress up about 6 inches. Been fighting it for years, and I think surgery is the next step for me.
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    lunch event catering

    Kevins's seafood in Leonardtown. Subway Rita B's Olde Breton Inn
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    Yarn Folks

    They discontinued that about a yr ago. I too, have looked everywhere for it. I have a little bit of green left, I think. I will check for ya. I just sold my last blankie made of it. Everybody loved that yarn.
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    Ear Piercing

    Nancy's Guys and Gals. Corner of golden beach rd
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    What shows would you bring back?

    Carol Burnett Show, Bonanza, Medium
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    Why do locals say it this way?

    When you foreigners get tired of picking on the locals, move the hell out.
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    I like Dr Satha in CH too, but why oh why would you have the same waiting room as a pediatrician??? And whenever I go there, there's kids everywhere!
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    Have a super great day.
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    Niacin flush last night - was hot, red, and itchy

    I take Niaspan. That stuff is wicked with hot, itchy, flushes. I take a baby aspirin about an hr before I take it and I don't get the flushed hot itchy skin. I am supposed to take two, but can only handle one. I stopped taking it all together for a while but my cholesterol went over 400 so I...